IPSol Energy is a leading provider of testing, quality assurance and other technical services to the solar PV industry. We have the only fully equipped and accredited PV test laboratory in the UK, and perform upwards of 30 tests to global quality standards for customers in Europe and worldwide.

We perform international (IEC) and national (e.g. MCS) product qualifications for manufacturers bringing new products to market. We also undertake module tests specifically intended to help differentiate products, including PID certification, power ratings, PAN file generation and extended stress testing.


Excellence in Solar Photovoltaics


Our clients in the large-scale solar sector include developers, EPCs, investors and O&M providers. We provide assurance of the quality and performance of panels from new or existing suppliers, including undertaking factory production control audits. We carry out testing, equipment surveys and technical analysis as part of due diligence exercises. When assets under-perform, problems are diagnosed using electroluminescent and thermal imaging as well as a range of functional testing.

IPSol Energy has substantial know-how and expertise in the understanding and analysis of the build quality, performance, reliability and degradation of solar modules and associated equipment. We are a technical and quality assurance resource used by the industry to ensure that solar developments perform to their highest levels and provide optimum returns.